Interim Management in Medical Technology

Interim management is a temporary performance of specialist and management tasks of an external service provider in medical technology companies. The interim managers are used when capacities in companies are not enough and/or technical competence is required.

Typical objectives of interim management are the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems, the registration and listing of medical devices, the assumption of development projects, the restructuring of processes and departments up to the management.

Competence, Skills and Experience
Interim managers are proven experts with different professional experiences, who usually have a career as senior or managing consultant. They are specialized in carrying out and successfully completing their assignments in companies in a target-oriented and project-oriented manner. For our interim managers there is always the possibility to appoint a deputy and to fall back on our expert knowledge of the organization.

Interim Management Contract
An interim management contract is a simple service contract. In addition to the duration, the location and the daily rates, general topics such as non-disclosure agreements, data protection and data security regulations, communication channels, deputy regulations etc. are of course considered in the contract.

Crisis Management in Medical Technology
The hazard situations for organizations in medical technology are extremely diverse and the resulting risks continue to develop, as do the possibilities for risk-minimizing measures. In particular, the diversity of hazards and the fact that crises, i.e. situations endangering the existence of the organization, cannot always be planned individually due to the probability of the occurrence of the incident, pose the challenge for the organization to implement processes that can deal with such incidents in a qualified manner. One of the essential goals of crisis management is therefore to maximize the decision-making ability and security of the persons responsible.

Successful crisis management in medical technology requires flexible processes and generally requires special approaches that may lie outside normal operating procedures or the business environment. This module is aimed, among other things, at the top management of the organization, which bears overall responsibility for a crisis management system as a central element of modern risk management.

The Solution for Exceptional Business Situations
People at the top of a company make the decisive difference – especially in exceptional entrepreneurial cases. NSF International’s interim and crisis management offers high-quality solutions for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies in periods of significant change. We support you in getting your company back on the road to success.
We are not only able to present you with suitable candidates, but also to provide you with professional support throughout the entire assignment. This means that our employees have access to a whole team of experts. In this way, we guarantee the successful implementation of the project and offer you an additional level of quality assurance.