Our digitalized consulting services allow you to access our expert knowledge at any time, regardless of location.

Our digital consulting services are delivered using established and secure software solutions. Together, documents and records can be evaluated, digitally completed and signed via secure connections on a tablet, laptop or PC.

Our online consulting continues to be conducted via videoconferencing, where you can meet with our experts in a virtual consulting room, available for you to access remotely. This service is suitable for initial discussions, presentations and recurring project appointments, and can be used to ask short questions during projects or contract negotiations.

Services By the Hour

To provide you with the best support for all normative and regulatory tasks and questions, we now offer these services by the hour.

In times of travel restrictions, it has been shown that individual tasks can be solved more quickly and efficiently than before. By offering an exact scaling of our digital and online consultancy, we can help you to utilise your financial and time resources more effectively, and only access what you truly need.

If you are not able to estimate the exact consultancy time you require, our project managers can help. Our experts have many years of experience and can send you the right approach and a detailed cost estimate free of charge in advance.

Contact Us

If you’d like to enquire about our digital and online consulting, email info-medicaldevices@nsf.org or call 040 6687880. We will get back to you promptly.