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The Future of Medical Devices in Europe Outlook 2020 – 2025

The EU MDR legislation is providing a new framework for regulatory compliance.
Join PROSYSTEM, an NSF International company, to explore opportunities in the future of health care by analyzing the power of digital health solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) and “big data.” Learn first-hand what the next generation of medical device solutions will look like and how new players in the field like Microsoft, Apple, Google and others will act by 2020, during a time when the traditional medical device community in Europe is still suffering from the aftermath of the MDR implementation.

By end of May 2020, medical devices placed on the EU market will need objective evidence including clinical data to demonstrate MDR compliance. Implementation of the new framework is behind schedule. The capacity of notified bodies for MDR services is by far lower than the market needs.

A critical number of implementing and delegated acts of the EU MDR have not yet been published by
the European Commission. Many medical device industry stakeholders are therefore navigating in a “grey zone” of new regulatory requirements.

Tremendous change will shape the future for medical devices:

  • What will be the consequences for our societies in Europe?
  • Will we have enough medical device supplies by 2020 & beyond?
  • What will be the impact of new technologies, such as AI/ML or Big Data?
  • What are the opportunities for us?

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