Hamburg, 09.08.2019, Juliane Celik

Join NSF’s Oliver Christ at the Xavier Health AI Summit August 20-22, 2019
NSF’s Oliver Christ, Executive Vice President, PROSYSTEM, an NSF International Company, will be attending the AI Summit this month in Cincinnati, US. The AI Summit 2019, presented by the Xavier Artificial Intelligence Initiative, explores cutting-edge possibilities of how the power of AI can be applied to solve your challenges in quality, regulation and supply-chain management.
Oliver will be facilitating “The Solution Xchange” – a fast paced engaging session addressing the challenges that will be discussed throughout the summit. He will also be speaking about AI opportunities in healthcare in the session “How AI enables patients and tech companies to take over healthcare by 2025’; discussing how power is expected to shift within the healthcare market away from healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies and towards the owners of “medical data”.
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